While inspection companies offer Inspection Engineering as part of their services, Ethos Inspection Solutions recognises that maintaining impartiality and independence in respective areas of expertise offers transparency and provides best practice for clients.

To ensure impartiality and independence is maintained, Ethos Inspection Solutions works closely with independent professionals who are experts in their field of integrity management and innovative data analytics for NDT.

Through this support network we can assist clients with advanced analysis in support of inspection and integrity management, with the following key applications:

  • Statistical simulation to support inspection strategy development and detailed planning up to ENIQ standard and culminating in a Technical Justification
  • Evaluation of inspection performance (POD and accuracy) achieved in the field
  • Improved corrosion growth rate assessment based on advanced analysis of repeat inspections
  • Analysis of pipeline in-line inspection (ILI) data
  • Statistical analysis for planning and evaluation of sampling inspections, including for vessel Non-Intrusive Inspections, pipework, storage tanks and heat exchanger tubes
  • Planning and evaluation of inspection of unpiggable pipelines
  • Advanced visualisation for inspection data and analysis results
  • Fitness for service assessment based on in depth consideration of inspection results
  • Finite element analysis to support Level 3 fitness for service assessment
  • Remaining life assessment
  • Fatigue and fracture assessments
Engineering integrity services
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